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Amazing Saqqara Discovery Announced Today!!

Dr. Zahi Hawass announced a major discovery at the ancient necropolis site of Saqqara. The discovery comes after several seasons of excavations at the cemetery surrounding the pyramid of King Teti, the first king of Dynasty 6. The mortuary temple dedicated to the cult of Teti's wife. The temple was the main center for rituals…
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IDU Egyptology Program to launch this Friday!!!

For all those interested in the Egyptology diploma with Dr Zahi Hawass, the International Digital University (IDU) is offering its first ever one-year diploma in Egyptology, which is designed and taught by renowned archaeologist Zahi Hawass and team of experts in the fields. The program starts next Friday with the first lecture¬†by Dr Zahi Hawass…
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New Discovery coming soon!!! Zahi Hawass revealed that an announcement about a new discovery is on the way to take place in January 2021. He discussed the new announcement in front of the Sphinx with a large tourist group, which is the first group to visit Egypt from Spain since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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