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Dr. Hawass lecture series in Germany

Dr. Hawass traveled to Germany this week and inaugurated his lecture series in Berlin. His lecture was organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Egyptian Embassy in Germany, under the auspices of Ambassador Khaled Galal Abdelhamid. Architecture students from Egypt volunteered to help with the organization of the event. Then, Dr. Hawass gave another…
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Italy welcomes Zahi Hawass!!!!

Today the mayor Gulia de Santis, of the famous city Montefiascone, held a very important event in cooperation with the Lions Club. They presented the key to the city and they gave honors to Dr. Hawass. After the ceremony, Dr. Hawass gave a speech talking about the search for the tomb of Imhotep, the search for the…
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Zahi Hawass in Bilbao, Spain

The Governor of Bilbao received Dr. Hawass today in the governmental palace of the city of Bilbao. He offered Dr. Hawass a book about the history of the city of Bilbao, while Dr. Hawass gifted him with one of his special edition books. Dr. Hawass was received on the first day of his several day visit…
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Dr. Hawass visiting Saudi Arabian Archaeological Sites

Dr. Zahi Hawass visited some of the most important archaeological sites at Saudi Arabia, including Jabal Umm Sinman at Jubbah, a World Heritage Site. It is a magnificent rock art site and contains some of the earliest Thamudian writings etched on the cliffs, in addition to Neolithic rock art. The one-week visit included a meeting…
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