For me, archaeology is not a just a job. It combines everything that I could want - imagination, intellect, action, and adventure.

— Zahi Hawass

The Zahi Hawass Chair of Egyptology

It is one of my dreams to establish a Chair of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo (AUC). This would be a very important part of the new Master’s program that is being created at AUC. This new program will educate Egyptian, American and International students in the field of Egyptology right here in Egypt.

Important Notice:
Zahi Hawass Needs You!

We have succeeded in raising approximately $200,000, but we still need 1,800,000 to reach our goal of 2 million dollars. I am sending out a plea to all my fans; over the years, I have signed autographs for you, enabled you to visit Egyptian archaeological sites, and brought you the magic of Egypt through your television screen and through the books I have written. Today, I am in need of your help, not for my benefit, but for the benefit of Egyptology.

I have dedicated my entire life to Egyptology. So far I have enjoyed forty years of adventures, discoveries, tombs and mummies. During this time I have made many important discoveries, such as the Valley of the Golden Mummies, the Tombs of the Pyramid Builders, the pyramid of a queen at Saqqara, a new cemetery at the Gisr el-Mudir in Saqqara, and the Osiris shaft at Giza; using cutting-edge scientific techniques, I have identified the mummy of Hatshepsut and the family of King Tut. Now I am searching for KV 64 in the Valley of the Kings, and revealing the secrets of the tunnel of Seti I and the so-called doors inside the Great Pyramid.

I always say that to like something is not enough, to love something is not enough. You need to give your passion, and you need to give it all. I have given all my passion to Egyptology. And now I need your passion, to add to mine. The two million dollars that we can raise together will help the American University in Cairo to hire the best professor in the field of Egyptology to teach students here in Egypt. Maybe one of these students will have my passion!

For your donation to be tax deductible, we would ask that you give fifty dollars or more. And if you donate to the Zahi Hawass Chair of Egyptology you will see your name listed on my website.

List of Donors: Dr. Joseph A. Leone, Mr. Bruce L. Ludwig, The Ripplewood Foundation, Inc., Ms. Nancy Siebens Binz, Dr. Marjorie M. Fisher, Dr. Lorna J. Gladstone, Jeffrey Wayne Lovett

Click here to visit the AUC website and make your donation. You can choose the Zahi Hawass Fund in Egyptology toward the bottom of the page, under the section, ‘Direct Gift to one or more of the following funds.’ I hope that you can help.

Dr. Zahi Hawass