For me, archaeology is not a just a job. It combines everything that I could want - imagination, intellect, action, and adventure.

— Zahi Hawass

Writings by Zahi Hawass

Dr. Hawass is a prolific author. He shares his knowledge about ancient Egypt along with the thrill of his discoveries in his many books. You can learn even more from the articles that he writes just for, and from his web diary, through which you can follow him on his adventures!

  • April 18th 2011

    The National Council of Egypt’s Administrative Court issued a decree today (April 18, 2011) accepting a proposal to stop the recent court ruling against me in my former role as Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, in a case involving the bookstore at the Egyptian Museum. This decree specifies that I will not serve any jail time, and states that I will remain in my position as Minister of State for Antiquities.

  • April 18th 2011

    I was so happy a few days ago to announce that my clothing line is going to be sold, as it will represent my adventures in archaeology. The profits from the sale will go to benefit the 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital here in Cairo.

  • April 17th 2011

    I have to tell the world right now, there is a story going around that I am going to be in jail, which is a complete misunderstanding.

  • April 16th 2011

    It seems that every week we have some good news here. I was very happy earlier this week when four objects were returned to the Egyptian Museum.

  • April 14th 2011

     Over the last few months I have heard many rumors that no one ever mentioned before. Lately I have heard a story that there is a tunnel that runs from the Cairo Museum to the campus of the American University in Cairo in Tahrir Square. People are saying that this imaginary tunnel is used to take antiquities from the Museum to the University to be stored at the University. I used to laugh when I heard this rumor, because it is not true and I do not know where people come up with these stories.

  • April 12th 2011

    Four objects missing from the Egyptian Museum since the January Revolution have been returned, announced Dr. Zahi Hawass, Minister of State for Antiquities.



  • April 9th 2011

    I have heard that people all over the world is reporting that a bomb exploded at near the pyramid of Menkaure at Giza, which is not true. The truth is that three people found unused ammunition in the desert and managed to injure themselves, but the pyramids were not damaged in any way.

  • April 7th 2011

    During his April 6th meeting with a delegation of youth involved with Egypt’s 25th of January Revolution, Minister of State for Antiquities Dr. Zahi Hawass decided to hold an art exhibition that tells the story of the struggles of Egypt’s Revolution.

  • April 6th 2011

    Recently, an article appeared in El Akhbar Newspaper, entitled "A New Dawn: Zahi Hawass' Hat."  I was very touched by this article, and I would like to share it.

    Here is the text of the article:

  • April 4th 2011

    Today Dr. Zahi Hawass swore an oath in front of HE Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, Head of the Armed Forces Council, as Minister of Antiquities. Dr.Hawass is back to his office, one month after his resignation.


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