Many people make the mistake of thinking that dreams cannot come true, but they can. You have to believe, and know that they are more than just imagination.

— Zahi Hawass

Writings by Zahi Hawass

Dr. Hawass is a prolific author. He shares his knowledge about ancient Egypt along with the thrill of his discoveries in his many books. You can learn even more from the articles that he writes just for, and from his web diary, through which you can follow him on his adventures!

  • June 28th 2011

    This morning I went to the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Cairo to say thank you and goodbye to H.E. Ferry de Kerckhove, Ambassador to the Embassy of Canada in Cairo.

  • June 28th 2011

    A grand opening is due to take place in October 2011 to celebrate the newly restored Avenue of Sphinxes.


  • June 27th 2011

    Yesterday was a good day for me. I was invited by the National Youth Council in Cairo to give an open interview and speak to many young Egyptians. For over two hours I gladly answered all their questions and talked about current and future plans to protect and preserve Egyptian monuments. I wanted to hear their opinions and thoughts on the future of Egyptian heritage.

  • June 27th 2011

    French archaeologists in San El-Hagar have discovered hundreds of colored and inscribed limestone blocks, which they believe were used to build the sacred lake walls of a temple dedicated to the goddess Mut.

  • June 23rd 2011

    This morning I attended the uncovering of the second solar boat pit at Giza with Professor Sakuji Yoshimura, Director of the Waseda University Mission Team in Egypt. We revealed the delicate wooden boat in the pit and also had a surprise archaeological discovery! 

  • June 21st 2011

    The uncovering of the second solar boat will now take place on June 23, 2011 at 9.30am. It has been rescheduled from June 22.

  • June 16th 2011

    The Ministry of State for Antiquities hosted a four-day meeting for Egyptian archaeologists. Today, 16th June, is the final day. Despite being an annual event, this particular occasion was significant for two reasons.

  • June 15th 2011

    The Misdemeanor Court in Agouza, Cairo, issued a decree today, June 15th 2011, stating that Dr. Zahi Hawass, Minister of State for Antiquities, has been declared innocent from the charges against him.

  • June 14th 2011

    I am presently midway through a lecture tour of the United States, having visited Minneapolis and Cincinnati. I have found the enthusiasm of attendees and interest in my country particularly gratifying. Audiences, of all ages, are eager to hear about the revolution and Egyptian heritage. It has been a pleasure to meet people personally and hear what positive and inspirational thoughts they have about my country.   

  • June 10th 2011

     As those of you who have followed my website know, there was some looting and land grabbing, and even the Egyptian Museum was vandalized and robbed. At one point, I myself resigned in protest when I felt that the authorities were not doing enough to protect our monuments. However, the situation was never as bad as many of the unconfirmed reports had implied, and it is now greatly improved.

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