Hello all,

To those who have been following me and to those who are new here, welcome and welcome back.

You have my sincere apologies for being away for the last three years. During this time I have been busy writing books and articles, and giving lectures all over the world.

I felt that it was vital to reactivate my website, as I have been receiving questions and inquiries from people all over the world about antiquities and current events in the field of Egyptology. I believe that this website can, and should, be the voice of the antiquities and their archeologists, both in Egypt and other Arab countries. The website aims to be a platform through which we can discuss, and in some cases protect, our heritage by addressing rumors and queries that have emerged over the past three years.

I hope that all our readers and visitors will become avid fans of our Egyptian heritage, and soon enough, our friends.

I promise that, through this website, all your questions will be answered. We hope to become your guide in our mission to make new discoveries and to increase awareness of both current events related to our historical heritage and the progress of our old and new museums.

I am truly happy to be back to my friends and fans, and I am honored to help further enlighten our visitors with all they need to know about ancient Egypt. I look forward to hearing your feedback and comments on our progress and efforts.

Welcome Again.


Dr Zahi Hawass


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