Valley of the Monkeys Excavations

In January 2018, Zahi Hawass launched his own excavations at the Valley of the Monkeys, a side valley in the area of the Valley of the Kings. The focus of the excavations is in the area in close proximity to the tomb of Ay, Tutankhamun's successor. The radar scans in the area detected the presence of an entrance to a tomb at a depth of 5 meters. The excavation project is funded by Discovery Channel.

It is believed that the location of the tomb of Ankhsenamun, Tutankhamun's widow, who married Ay after Tutankhamun's death, is still hidden somewhere in the Valley of the Monkeys.

Check out the latest photos of the excavations!! and stay tuned for more photos.

DSCN9819 IMG_0005 IMG_0012 IMG_0036 (1) IMG_0045

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