THE ROYAL TOUR TO EGYPT: with Dr. Zahi Hawass, the legendary archaeologist








Introducing the most exciting tour to Egypt ever offered. Visit the Land of the Pharaohs with the most famous archaeologist in the world – Dr. Zahi Hawass! Meet the former First Lady of Egypt – Mrs. Jehan Sadat in the residence of Egypt's president Anwar El-Sadat. The Royal Tour offers private entrances to the entire Giza Plateau and the Luxor Temple outside of opening hours. You will get exclusive access between the paws of the Great Sphinx, a place closed to the public! Thanks to special permission from the Ministry of Antiquities, you will see the tombs of the pyramid builders in Giza, an active excavation site.

Explore the wonders of the ancient Egyptian civilization, including enormous Karnak and Abu Simbel temples, tombs in the Valley of the Kings and much more! With Archaeological Paths company you will experience Egypt like no one else. You will stay in a 5-star hotel in the shadow of the pyramids and sail on a luxury Nile Cruise ship, taste delicious local cuisine and embrace the outstanding Egyptian culture.
See more about the special sites we are going to visit and Dr. Hawass talking about our exciting tour:

SEE HOW YOU CAN EXPERIENCE EGYPT WITH US! See how our guests enjoyed special attractions of the Royal Tour, meetings with Dr. Zahi Hawass and Mrs. Jehan Sadat. Archaeological Paths' daily video updates allow you to see how you can truly experience Egypt with us. To do so, just CLICK HERE

Experts about our tours:
Archaeological Paths is officially endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism in Egypt. Rasha Azaizi, Director of the Egyptian Tourism Authority in the UK:"The Royal Tour represents a special opportunity for tourists to experience Egypt's unique cultural landmarks, and there is no-one better than Dr. Hawass to guide guests on a tour of the country's famous ancient history. We feel this will give tourists a once in a lifetime experience and an opportunity to wholly embrace the outstanding Egyptian culture."

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