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From A Secret Voyage by Zahi Hawass and Sandro Vannini

KV57 - Tomb of Horemheb - The King offering wine to Hathor - detail - Painting from the tomb of the King Horemheb, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty – King’s Valley 57, Western Thebes, Valley of the Kings - King Horemheb was the last king of the Eighteenth Dynasty. During the reign of Tutankhamun, he was the commander of the army and started to build a tomb in Saqqara. Later, when Horemheb became king, he made for himself this beautiful tomb in the Valley of the Kings. This detail of its decoration shows the King offering wine in nu-vessels to the goddess Hathor (not shown here). The king is wearing the nemes headdress, a collar and bracelets.

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