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Portraits of Light

" Dear Mister Zahi Hawass, It was something nice to make your portrait with my cameras Hasselblad & Linhof (the ones who have photographed all the statues and monuments of Kings and Queens of the great spiritual kingdom of  Ancient Egypt) and this,... at the feet of the Sphinx of Gizeh ! I feel honored, really!…
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Lecture at Warren County Public Library

It was a great lecture this week at the Warren County Public Library, Bowling Green, Kentucky, where Zahi Hawass lectured about the royal mummies and the latest discoveries of the Egyptian Mummy Project. It was wonderful to see the audience interacting with the topic, specially with the idea of the plastic surgeries that the ancient Egyptians…
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Pic of the Day

Painting from the tomb of King Tuthmosis III, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty – King’s Valley 34, Western Thebes, Valley of the Kings - In this scene from the Litanies of Re painted on a pillar in his burial chamber, King Tuthmosis III nurses at the breast of a tree goddess, identified in the inscription as…
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