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The Lotus and Papyrus on show again in Italy !!!

On June 26th, Dr. Zahi Hawass will attend the Opera show "Il Loto e il Papiro" along with the author of this wonderful opera Mr. Francesco Santocono. The show will be held at the theater of Taormina, Italy. Book your tickets and stay tuned for more events !!!
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Balkan Egyptian Week in Kosovo

Dr. Zahi Hawass was invited to attend the Balkan Egyptian week in Kosovo, where he will be visiting the Egyptian community there for a week of celebrations and activities. The Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs will be meeting with Dr. Zahi during the period from June 20th-26th.
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The Zahi Hawass Center of Egyptology

The launch of the  Zahi Hawass Center of Egyptology marks the launch of a new venue for Egyptologists in Egypt and all over the world to contribute to the field and to receive grants for projects that will help develop and disseminate knowledge in Egyptology to the whole world. The mission of the center includes…
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