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Zahi Hawass awarded the Capo Circeo Roma

Zahi Hawass will be awarded the Capo Circeo Award in Rome on October 20, 2017. The Egyptian Ambassador to Italy will be receiving the award for Dr. Hawass because Dr. Hawass will be engaged on the same day in receiving his "Man of the Year" Award in the gala and fundraising dinner organized by Telemed…
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You are now invited for the fundraising gala dinner in CA

Telemed Foundation will be holding a Gala dinner to raise funds for Abu El-Reesh Children's hospital in Cairo. I will be giving a lecture during the event and will be named "Man of the Year." If you would like to attend the event and contribute for a good cause, please visit the link below to…
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Lecture at Warren County Public Library

It was a great lecture this week at the Warren County Public Library, Bowling Green, Kentucky, where Zahi Hawass lectured about the royal mummies and the latest discoveries of the Egyptian Mummy Project. It was wonderful to see the audience interacting with the topic, specially with the idea of the plastic surgeries that the ancient Egyptians…
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