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Giza and the Pyramids is now in Bookstores!!

In Giza and the Pyramids: The Definitive History, two of the world's most eminent Egyptologists, Mark Lehner and Zahi Hawass, provide their unique insights based on over four decades of excavating and studying the site. This unparalleled account descries the past lives in vibrant detailm along with the history of exploration, the religious and social…
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First batch of Zahi Hawass hat replicas sold out!!

The first batch of produced replicas of the famous Zahi Hawass hat were completely sold out, even before the official announcement of the sale. Many thanks  to each and every one who purchased the hat replica and contributed to Al-Orman Cancer Hospital in Luxor. Please place an order through any of links below, if you would…
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The Egyptian Indiana Jones Hat

People ask me all the time, Why is your hat more famous than Indiana Jones's hat? I always answer them that the Indiana Jones hat is a fake one, mine is the real Egyptologist's hat! Replicas of my hat were sold by a company before, and all the profits from selling the hat went into…
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