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Stefano Ricci celebrates 50th Anniversary in Luxor

This week witnessed a magnificent celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Stefano Ricci company. The celebration and the runway show took place at the foot of the Deir el Bahari Temple and a luxurious dinner was held at the Luxor Temple. This event was made possible thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of…
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Dr Hawass: Man of the Year for 2022

Today in Cortona, Italy, Dr. Hawass was named the "Man of the Year of 2022" for his efforts in protection and promotion of the heritage and legacy of Egypt across the world. This year is also very special as it witnesses the release of the  Opera Tutankhamun, which Dr. Hawass co-created.
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Dr Hawass lectures in Madrid

Today, Dr. Hawass gave a lecture in Madrid with a fully-booked conference hall, where all visitors gathered to het their books signed by Dr. Hawass
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A New Episode about King Tut

Today marks the last day in filming an episode about King Tut with Roberto Jacobo and his Italian team for a program called Freedom in Rome, seen by 6 million.
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