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A Window Into the Real Ancient Egypt?


[caption id="attachment_2898" align="alignnone" width="770"] Tourists at the Temple of Kom Ombo[/caption] It is already almost the fourth anniversary of what many call - wrongly so, in my opinion - Revolution. I would rather call it an awakening: it is as if the country has been aroused suddenly from the slumber into which it had slowly…
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The German edition of “Discovering Tutankhamun” out on 3 April 2015

Dr Zahi Hawass will be in Munich, Germany, on 3 April 2015 to present the German edition of his latest book Discovering Tutankhamun: From Howard Carter to DNA. In this comprehensive and fully illustrated study, Dr Hawass reviews the current state of our knowledge about the life, death and burial of Tutankhamun in light of…
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