Adventure in Dahshur with Vice Media

Vice Media came to Egypt to make a TV documentary on the looting of antiquities that happened all over Egypt after the revolution. With the presenter Gianna we went to Dahshur, where looters excavated extensively in search of antiquities.

We visited together Dahshur’s Red Pyramid and entered also the burial chamber. I have entered all known pyramids in Egypt and, of all the 123, this is the most difficult to visit; the entrance is much higher than the ground and, once entered, you have to walk bending down through a long corridor.

I talked with Gianna, who is a really nice young lady, about Sneferu and his 54-year-long rule over Egypt during which he built four pyramids. One at Seila, which was a monument to the primeval mound of creation and was located behind the king’s palace. The king also used it to supervise the collection of taxes. The second was a step pyramid at Meidum which however was never completed. The third was the Bent Pyramid in Dahshur, followed by the fourth, the Red Pyramid, the one that we entered, which can be considered the first real pyramid in Egypt.

I told Gianna that I believe that Sneferu was buried in the Bent Pyramid. When I enter the pyramid and reach the lowest chambers, I can still feel fresh air on my face. This had been noticed also by famous Egyptian archaeologist Ahmed Fakhry and it is the reason why I believe that the burial chamber is still inside the pyramid.


Zahi Hawass

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