A Short Note on My Trip to the States

008I will be in the States in the first part of March to give public lectures in many cities across the country. This time I will not talk only about my adventures in archaeology, but also about three important things.

Firstly, about what happened to antiquities during the revolution. I have many important photos that show the holes left in the ground all over Egypt by illegal excavations. I said in an interview for Vice that up until now more than one third of our monuments have been looted since the 2011 revolution and we can now see many objects being sold on the black market. I am particularly concerned about the reaction that people have when they open a magazine and see missing artifacts on its pages, but I will discuss this in more detail in one of my next editorials.

Secondly, about the events concerning the Muslim Brothers and antiquities after the June 30th uprising, and, in particular, the attack and damages to the Islamic Museum and the looting of the Mallawi Museum. In this latter case, the Minister of Antiquities refused to visit the site of the museum to verify what had happened. A lady, who was seeking for fame, went in his stead and is now considered a hero. However, encouraging her was a mistake and I believe that now the foreign media has begun to realise this.

Finally, I will remind the people the most important thing – that Egypt is safe.


Zahi Hawass

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