People often ask me, ‘well, it’s not really as exciting as Indiana Jones, now is it?’
I reply, ‘to an archaeologist, yes, it certainly is!’

— Zahi Hawass

My Foreign Office

I would like to take a moment to speak to you about some of the people who have worked with us in the office, but have recently left to return home. For two and a half years I enjoyed having Maggie Bryson with me. At the start she was in charge of answering my emails, and I would dictate my responses to her; she would also edit my articles for Al-Ahram Weekly and for Egypt Air’s Horus magazine, among others.

The most important thing was that she always kept my voice in my articles, so that everyone who read them could hear me speaking to them. Then she began to work for my website; as my website manager she followed me everywhere, and I would dictate to her the stories that I wanted to be published online. Most of the content on there today is a result of Maggie’s hard work. I was happy to recommend her to John Hopkins University, where she now has a fellowship for five years to do her PhD. I hope that she learned a lot from us here at the SCA, and that she will excel in her graduate studies. We all miss her, and hope that we can see her again soon.

We also had a member of staff from Pennsylvania State University, Allison Hedges, who came to work with us for six months on the correspondence, and three summer interns, who have helped with many of our ongoing projects: Allison Ripley, from Michigan University, and Michelle Thompson and Lily Yu from Princeton. I would like to thank all of them for their hard work, and wish you all good luck in the future.












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