For me, archaeology is not a just a job. It combines everything that I could want - imagination, intellect, action, and adventure.

— Zahi Hawass

Chasing Mummies series comes to an end

Over the past ten weeks, I have had the pleasure of sharing the beautiful monuments of ancient Egypt with all of you through the History Channel's series Chasing Mummies. This show gave me the opportunity to tell the world about the latest discoveries, the newest excavations and the wonders of Egypt. I have so greatly appreciated the positive feedback that I've gotten from my fans and I hope that I have inspired some of your to pursue a career in Egyptology. 

In the official report from the History Channel, more than 41 million Americans tuned in to watch Chasing Mummies. This was unprecedented exposure for Egyptology and brought archaeology to a whole new demographic of viewers. I hope that you were not only inspired to learn more about Egyptian culture and history, but that you will consider traveling to Egypt to view these monuments for yourself!

Chasing Mummies also enjoyed the most media exposure of any series that I have ever been apart of including: a satellite radio and tv tour; an appearance on The Today Show, ABC News, Fox News and Inside Edition; trailer events in movie theaters across America; and countless posters, billboards and kiosks. 

I wish I could include all the wonderful comments that I have received about this show but I wanted to share one of them here:

"The History Channel's television series, Chasing Mummies, has come to an end...we sat glued to the television for each episode every Wednesday for the last two months. It was terrific. It gave people who watched it a fascinating introduction to Egyptian history and the amazing archaeological work that you lead today. We couldn't help but be entertained and educated at the same time by each episode of the show."
-John Morris

Thank you all again for your support and continuing interest in my beautiful country, Egypt.


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